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Learn About Wicca, Witchcraft, Magick and Spell Casting

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Wicca Witchcraft, Magick, Paganism, Spells & Rituals, Occult Magic, Mind Power, Chaos Magic, Covens, The Power of Three, Chi Power, Cosmic Conciousness & Ascension, Sex Magic, Tantra, Tarot Spells, Karma, Hypnosis, The Secret Society, Reincarnation, Tarot Reading, Palm Reading, Dreams, Zodiac Personalities, Kabbalah, Numerology, Book of the Dead, Binding, Necronomicon.
All mysteries of the Universe. Some say Myth, some say Legend & some say the Oldest Religion. Until recent years, it has been kept in the closet. But now there are some VERY prominent names speaking out on the subject.

Wicca is not dark and something to fear. In some cases, witches are put into the same category as Satanists, heathens, and bad people. There is so much that is misunderstood. In fact, Wicca is a very harmonious, peaceful and overall a balanced way of thinking and living a quiet life in co-existance and respect to all other which exists.
Wicca is a practice that ties in the spiritual world with the natural powers of nature. Wicca incorporates a lot of appreciation towards the wonders of nature, which include animals, flowers, trees, the moon, and earth as a whole. In fact, all Wiccan holy days follow the cycles of nature and the changes of the seasons.
Wicca is a merging with the Goddesses and Gods, the universal energies which create all in existence. It is a personal, positive celebration of life.
When witchcraft is practiced as a religion, it is called "Wicca", - an Old English term for Witch. This term is used to counter all the negative stereotypes that society has given witchcraft. People who follow the Wiccan way, also learn the knowledge of witchcraft and make practical use of it, in a good way.

Wicca is based on the pre-christian spiritual traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Wicca was subjected as the work of Satan by the Church, to keep people away from it. Back in the day, Wiccans were hunted and persecuted by the Church, as part of making Christian influence stronger and larger. In origin, Wiccans do not believe in Satan, as they think people themselves create evil. Wiccans believe in a God and a Goddess.

Witchcraft is a tool, or a system of spirituality which the Wiccans use for different purposes. It promotes the free thought of oneself, as well as responsibility over one's actions. Those that are leading the Wiccan lifestyle conduct and perform spells. Spells are used by Wiccans and are a series of rituals and prayers that are conducted in witchcraft to ask for divine help in certain aspects of life. All spells must adhere to the witchcraft code of conduct, meaning that spells used to harm another are forbidden.

Witchcraft holds many mysterious powers over the universe. Some say Myth, some say Legend & some say the Oldest Religion. The deepest secrets are still kept in the closet. Unknown to most but known by a few.

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Wicca / Witchcraft Articles Of Interest

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Wicca - What is it, Really?
Wicca is a religious faith all of its own. What might surprise people even more is that Wicca is a very loving religious practice, one that demands its followers to adhere to strict ethics and high morals.

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witchcraft wicca spells magick Witchcraft - Wicca, Spells, And Magick  
When witchcraft is practiced as a religion, it is called by the Old English term for witch, Wicca. This term is used to counter all the negative stereotypes that society has given witchcraft.

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wicca witchcraft witches pentagram The Meaning of the Wiccan Pentacle  
The pentacle is one of the most famous images within religious symbology and has great spiritual meaning to the Wiccan culture. In Wicca and Witchcraft the pentacle is a very important symbol and it is often worn by all practicing Wiccans, usually as jewelry.

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casting spells wicca witchcraft Spell Casting that Should be Left to the Professional Spell Casters  
Spell Casting is not something that you will see in person unless you happen to know a modern day witch, wiccan, warlock or Wizard. The spell casting needs to have the intent of the spell behind the incantation...

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wicca altars wiccan altar rituals and tools Wicca Altar and Ritual Tools  
Altar and Ritual tools have many purposes in magick. Some traditions are very orthodox about ritual tools while others do not focus on ceremonial magick quite so much.

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wicca witchcraft magick spells Candle Magick  
Candle Magick has been used for centuries in witchcraft spells and rituals and is one of the simplest forms of magick to get started with. Candles absorb one's personal energy and release this energy when burned. Choosing the right candle color is important, because each color emits a particular vibration and attracts certain influences.

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book of shadows,BOS,
 witchcraft spell book,grimoire Creating A Book Of Shadows  
The Book Of Shadows is one of the most important books that every Wicca practioner uses. One main purpose for a Book of Shadows is to record details of spells and magick that you or your coven perform. The Book Of Shadows might have sections for spells, rituals, coven activities, recipies or potions. The BOS is more than just a spell book, it is a personal journal and you can add anything that is sacred to you.

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Traditional Witchcraft

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