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Witchcraft Exposed - Power Secrets Revealed

Want To Know How to Add More Love, Money, And Health to Your Life Using Quick & Easy Magick Spells and Rituals? The Secret to Getting What You Really Want Is Simply Using the Right Kind of Magick & Spells.
The authors of Withcraft Exposed claim that they added new dimension and radically transformed their own lives by using the secrets that they want to share with you. After many years researching Magic(k), Wicca, Witchcraft, Herbalism, Alchemy, Kabbalah, Yoga, etc... they know what works and what doesn't.

Witchcraft Exposed is a powerful book that reveals all about magick, spells and rituals and how to use them to improve your life.

Learn about:

How to set your own altar and use it.

The different kinds of Magick and how each of them can help you.

The types of magickal objects revealed. How you can get them and what they can do for you.

How to develop your 5 senses to become more sensitive to magick energies and use them better.

The secrets of solitary witches - astral projection, spell-casting, divination, brews and potions.

How to cast a magick circle to keep you safe from all harm and make your spells better.

How to cast a dual circle and even a triple circle for even more power and even more protection.

Energy and the 3 planes of existence: physical, mental, spiritual. Most mages won't tell you about them and if you don't know this information many of your spells and rituals will fail !

How to enter the "alpha" state of consciousness... this is were you have powers over your destiny and gain control over your life.

Personal energy exposed - the 7 major chackras, 21 minor chackras and the other 101 energy points on your body that generate your aura or energy field and how to keep them healthy.

How to project energy - this is the essence of spell casting, of black and white magick and of everything that's magickal... Discover how to reabsorb projected energy, pool energy, gather energy and create magickal circles.

The correct way of using magical oil for love, health, happiness, success, prosperity, confidence and protection.

Over 31 oils and how to use them (health, well being, empathy, relationships, psychich awareness, purification, gaining control and living a balanced life, career, memory, concentration, meditation).

Over 53 incenses and how to use them (love, friendship, stress, mental powers, wisdom, happiness, healing, prosperity, courage, strength, joy, success, travel, fertility, psychic powers, passion, family).

Over 20 powerful, protective crystals to become untouchable by psychical, mental and physical evil doers and bullies.

How to heal yourself using the magickal power of colors. Each beam of colored light has its own wavelength and is absorbed by the body through the skin and the optic nerves and triggers complex biochemical changes. Use this to your advantage.

Over 111 of the most secret & most powerful spells on Earth:

The powerful prosperity spell the most sought after mages in Europe use. It quickly, easily and automatically brings money into your life.

How to break a curse, evil-eye or any magick that was done against you - fast!

The "mirror" spell that instantly breaks the power of another spell.

A ritual that will bless your home and make your living a whole lot easier, stress-free and more satisfying.

Guide to Casting the perfect spell -- lists all the materials, tools and stages that may be included in a spell to ensure that you get the absolute best possible results by using magick in any situation.

This is just a synopsis. Read more about how Witchcraft Power Secrets Revealed can help you change your life.

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