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Herbs Used in Wicca

You will find Herbs used in Wicca to be quite helpful. Since long ago, Asian Doctors have accepted the fundamental connection of mind, body and spirit. They have learned to use positive energy imbalances along with Herbs to bring wellness.

In modern medicine, new uses for Herbs are being discovered every day to aid in the cure of many diseases including cancer. The most recent I've read about is Turmeric.

For much of history, Herbs have been used for spiritual growth. Among other things, healing emotional wounds, settling problems of the stomach, giving energy, providing blood-sugar balance, strengthening the heart, better concentration, as an aphrodisiac, and the list goes on ! We have all heard of the many wonders of Green Tea! So there really is nothing surprising about herbs being used in Wicca to conjure good things and create happiness and well being!

Some Herbs are used more often than others, and it would take an entire book to list them all. I will however list the ones I feel are used most often in Wicca. This is only a small selection, so please don't limit yourself on the reading selections for the use and enjoyment of herbs!

The following list is provided only for use as it pertains to Wicca and spell casting. Remember NOT to ingest them at any time!

ALLSPICE-- used for protection. Prosperity good luck & healing

ALMOND-- for use in Love spells, money & healing.

APPLE-- Good for Love spells, peaceful beginnings & Health.

BASIL-- use it for Protection in business, prosperity & loving relationships.

BAY LAUREL-- use for healing, prosperity, and strength.

CAMPHOR-- healing, well being

CATNIP- - use with cats, brings happiness & love.

CHAMOMILE-- For Soothing, sleep and relaxation.

CINNAMON-- I use it in all love spells. Good for lust, success, & money.

CLOVE-- Use for healing, protection, calming.

CUMIN- - For love, protection and loyalty.

DRAGON'S BLOOD-- Use for purification and strength.

GARLIC-- Gives your home protection. Also aids in healing.

GINGER-- Very Energetic. Use for Love and prosperity.

GREEN TEA-- Drink for its Longevity & healing qualities.

FRANKINCENSE-- Purification, meditative and protection.

HIGH JOHN-- Use for Happiness, prosperity and success.

JASMINE- Very tranquil, use for love, & prosperity.

LAVENDER- - Use for healing, sleep, purification & love.

LEMON-- Especially good for purification, love & happiness.

MUGWORT- - Excellent for protection during travel, healing and strength.

MYRRH-- Use for meditation, purification & protection.

PARSLEY-- Good for Lust & fertility, prosperity & protection.

PATCHOULI-- Great for Love & Lust, Psychic work & Prosperity.

ROSE-- Best for Love, marriage, lust, fertility & protection.

ROSEMARY-- Use for increased Memory, healing, love, protection and mental strength.

SAGE-- To live a long life, health & comfort.

SALT- - Use for purification, protection, & strength. Use in your home and take along on trips to purify surroundings. (hotel rooms etc.)

VERVAIN-- can be used with almost every spell for Creativity, inspiration, protection, divination, love, and protection.

**Herbs used in Wicca are NOT to be ingested at anytime.

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