Be blessed with knowledge.


"What You Can Expect to Experience..."

Three days later, a package arrived. I was delightfully surprised because I wasn't expecting anything for a few more days - if this was The Psychic Potion Kit than it had comer quicker than expected. The package was white, about the size of a gift you'd get at Christmas and had some weight to it. My name had been neatly written on the center of box. A shiny red sticker in the shape of a potion was placed on one side of the package - obviously this had to be it!

I got the package open and laid it's contents out on my bed. I took a step back and studied everything I got - six separate baggies of some type of occult herbs, instructions and a three vials that look liked potion bottles! It was all much more colorful than I had expected!

It's As Easy As 1..2..3!

As you might guess, I was eager to dive in and get started. After reading the instructions I found out that that getting started was as easy as 1..2..3!

First, choose your potion. The package comes with three distinctly different potion recipes and ingredients. I choose to the first potion; it was called Lucid Dragon and was said to INSTANTLY INDUCE ASTRAL PROJECTION!

Second, mix the ingredients. You have options of how to take it. Some can be smoked, all can be drank like a potion. I personally choose to make them into a tea which took less than 5 minutes. This part was is very gratifying.

Third, administer! When the tea was ready, I got comfortably prepared for what was to be my first trip to wonderland with Lucid Dragon...

.The Lucid Dragon Experienced Explained

People are always asking me, "What should I expect?"

With Lucid Dragon, it is like a trans-dimensional doorway that allows one to step outside of consensual reality, providing a unique opportunity to explore the nature of consciousness and the fundamental mysteries of existence. It can take one through death and birth. It can transport one to another place and time. It can show you the creation and end of the entire universe.

Experiences like the kind you get from taking the Lucid Dragon Formula leave a lasting impression and are tremendously enriching. Many people report finding answers to life questions and a feeling of peace that comes from "understanding". It's no wonder why the base ingredient of Lucid Dragon is known as "The Sage of Diviners".

One should also make note that each use is similar to snowflake - in other words each experience is a completely unique and different for every person. It is NOT a hallucination, what you are experiencing while taking Lucid Dragon is very real.

"It's More Than Just a 'Trip' - It's A
Mind Opening Change in Perception."

When the Lucid Dragon started to take effect, I was sitting a recliner in my living room. It came on very suddenly and to be honest I wasn't ready for it. It was like a "swoosh" that came over me all the sudden. After closing my eyes for a moment to gain my composer, I got up from my seat and started to head to the bedroom.

Before long I started to experience a tugging sensation that was pulling me back to the recliner I was previously sitting at. Deciding not to fight it I turned around to make my way back and was stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw.

Sitting in the recliner with her head back and eyes closed, as if asleep, was ME! I couldn't believe my eyes - there I was standing a good ten feet away from my physical body looking at it, as if it were someone else. I remember thinking, "This is absolutely amazing." The words seemed to echo in my head.

For about fifteen minutes the out of body experience went on and I experienced some things too personal to post on this website. In fact, a lot of things happened to me in that time that you will not soon forget.

"My Other Experiences With the Psychic Potion Kit Were Very Enlightening..."

And there were two other potion recipes and ingredients included in my kit.

The second potion was called, Spirit Elixir and was said to help ESTABLISH COMMUNICATION WITH SPIRITS!

I admit I didn't know a darn thing about spirits, or even communicating with them. You always imagine a spirit going "poof!" before your eyes or flying around the ceiling of your bedroom while you try to sleep.

Come to find out, some astral entities can appear before I physical eyes if we've trained our "magic eye". But more importantly, and more realistically, spirits communicate through the levels of our own psyche!

Spirits communicate with us through thoughts, pictures, feelings. This is the language of spirit world. And once I drank the spirit elixir I was able to comprehend and feel all of this much easier. They're voices are like whispers in the wind.

Now I can't go a day without some type of spiritual guidance by my side; not to mention I now know the cause of a lot of thoughts and actions that I never could understand before!

"The Potion Gnomi Dyani Was
Just The Beginning!"

The third potion was called Gnomi Dynai Greek for PSYCHIC POWER!

This is a "psychic boaster" potion that stimulates all of your positive psychic centers. Drank in accordance with the changing moon cycles, this elixir goes back hundreds of years and has been the "secret ingredient" to many philosophers, Seers, magicians and famous psychics in the past.

Think of Gnomi Dynai as the potion that cures non psychic-genetics. For those of us who weren't born with psychic abilities, Gnomi Dynai was made. It works by stimulating your charkas or energy wheels. It radically spins them into activity!

Overtime, this increased activity in your subtle bodies leads to an increased awareness over all your latent psychic abilities!

Words can not go beyond this to describe how it will effect you personally. Every person is different.

Personally, my dreams become more vivid, my 3rd eye started opening up and easy predictions like the phone about to ring came like second nature. I could finish peoples sentences and found myself needing to "think" about problems less and less. Who knows what a few more weeks with the Gnomi will do for me!

And that is just a small 'taste' of what's in store for you.

When you continue you'll discover the answers to these popular questions:

  • Does it work for everyone?

  • What ingredients are in the formulas?

  • Is it expensive?

  • Is it dangerous?

  • Can you tell me more about the experiences?