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What Are Other People Saying?

The Psychic Potion Kit opened my mind me the practical fundamentals of l magic and helped me find the gate to my own latent magical abilities. Before my kit arrived I had all but given up type of stuff even existed. Great job guys!"
– Scott Albright,
2005 Psychic Potion Kit

These potion formulas teachings really let the cat out-of-the-bag and Potion Mixology has done an immaculate job of putting everything in even the most new-born magick practitioner can understand and
utilize immediately.”
– Jamie Wisewell,
2005 Psychic Potion Kit

"My 'magic eye' has really started to opened up! There is a superior world out there I never knew existed. I can hardly contain the enjoyment I feel from knowing that I’m now ‘one of greats’ privileged to this exclusive knowledge of magic and spirit.”
– Christina Hatch, 2005 Psychic Potion Kit

"My first journey to the astral plane was astonishing. The sky was sapphire blue and the roses were ruby red. But the best part was when I could see colorful rays of violet and orange emitting from other entities - I could actually see their aura!"
Jessica Doyal, Lucid Dragon Potion Kit

"I thought it was a hoax - boy was I wrong!"
-Brett Young, 2005 Psychic Potion Kit

"I didn't think I'd ever learn to leave my body and astral project. After learning about the Psychic Potion Kit after trying it, I was able to do in moments what I could never do before - ASTRAL PROJECT! What a deeply gratifying feeling to finally have done it!"
-Terry Cutler, Lucid Dragon Potion Kit

"It came earlier than expected and is the only spirit communication mehtod I've had the pleasure of trying!"
-Jay Reeves, Spirit Elixir Kit

Trust Me, If You Want To Develop
Your Own Psyche, You Need To
Start Listening To Your Gut!

Be honest. Isn’t your gut telling you that this product might just work, that it just might open the doors to the spirit world? Doesn’t it feel like you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose by at least the The Psychic Potion Kit a try?

Recently I surveyed some of the Psychic Potion Kit users to find out just how much they'd pay for the Kit after having tried it. After having used the Psychic Potion Kit the average value they would gladly pay was $153.00!

And then I asked them their NEED level for the product. According the the survey, 84% of the The Psychic Potion Kit veterans said that they "...couldn't have left their body without it!"

These are just a handful of the hundreds of testimonials the Psychic Potion Kit has received since it's release just a few short months ago!

But, there is no way to tell what it will do for you unless you give it a try...