Be blessed with knowledge.

Made From Some of The Most
Potent Plants In Existence!

Your kit is made up of some of the most powerful entheogen herbs on the planet. The use of these herbs date back over 500 years and have been used in success to induce out of body experiences, communicate with spirits, awaken latent psychic abilities, etc. Best of all...

  • Working almost instantaneously, the Lucid Dragon Potion acts as a Astral Projection/Out of Body Induction Tool!
  • All ingredients are 100% Safe, 100% Legal and 100% Non-Habit Forming!
  • The Aztec shaman have used the original form of "Spirit Elixir" to see and communication with spirits and entities on the astral plane.
  • The Psychic Potion Kit includes procedures for creating extracts over 500% more potent than what was used by our ancestors!
  • Nothing is a hallucinogen, they are actually composed of the some of the most powerful entheogen herbs on the planet!
  • The Psychic Potion Kit is still brand spankin' NEW being first released in Jan. 2005!

The Science Behind Why
It Works

I would never insult your intelligence. Which is why I'll tell you the truth: I'm not absolutely sure why it works. I suppose that's why many of the herbs qualities have been called "magic properties."

Though I think worth pointing out that obviously the potion creates a type of synergy between the ingredients when combined. The chemicals then enter the body and have mind-altering effects throughout the entire body.

But I have a better idea. Instead of my trying to explain how and why they work, I'll simply tell you what each occult ingredient does. That way you can decide for yourself how and why they work.

Shadow Powder's effectiveness in magick was highly sought after by "Witch's of the old". Traditionally it's been used for healing, banishing, protection and meditation. It's primary use is to help one get in touch with the spirit realm and stimulate the "3rd eye" of the mind.

1 Oz. of "Shadow Powder"
Good for 7-10 potions!

Traditionally this herb was been used by Shaman for divination healing practices. It's smoked or ingested to help evoke visions and works especially well when coupled with the other ingredients mentioned.

1 Oz. of "Bullsfoot"
Good for 5-7 potions!

Burned (or ingested) to stimulate or increase the psychic powers. When mixed with sandalwood and burned at night in a cemetery, "Worms" have been used by Necromancers to conjure spirits from out of their graves!

1 Oz. of "Worms"
Good for 5-7 potions!

This powerful herb is has been a traditional symbol of the Sun, Masculine and the element of Fire and has a massive list of magickal properties of which it has been attributed. Typically used for Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep and Youth.

1 Oz. of "Virgin Tongue"
Good for 5-7 potions!

The Magickal qualities of "Jupiter Berries" include the purification of the aura, clarification of thought, confidence and potency in communication and healing all types of anxiety. This is one of my all time favorite psychic and love potion and ingredients!

1 Oz. of "Jupiter Berries"
Good for 5-7 potions!

This is BY FAR the most popular herb amongst high thinking Seers. Men like Nostradamus, Abramelin the Mage and King Solomon! This plant is directly connected to the Moon because it enhances dreams, especially of the prophetic sort, and is also known as "a dream herb" because it facilitates lucid dreaming.

1 Oz. of "Eye of Nuit"
Good for 5-7 potions!

Often considered "the secret ingredient" to many potions and alchemist formulas. This sacred herb has been used for centuries to stimulate the root charka and correct countless physical and psychological imbalances. In terms of physic development it provides you with excess energy for the celestial bodies. Though another positive side effect has been increased libido and self confidence.

1 Oz. of "Horny Goat"
Good for 5-7 potions!

More Popular Questions Answered...

Q: What if it doesn't work?

A: The Psychic Potion Kit WILL have an effect on your psychic centers. The ingredients are best compared to alcohol in the sense that no one is immune to it. However, just like alcohol, some people have a higher tolerance than others. For most, 1 serving will suffice, for others it may take 2-3, it all depends, but if enough is consumed - it will have an effect.

Q: Where do these potion recipes/formulas come from?

A: Without indulging too many secrets, we can say that these formulas have a Medieval, Witchcraft and Alchemistic origin. One actually comes from the famous Seer Nostradamus and was said to be used just prior to his divinations sessions. Another (The Spirit Elixir) was used by King Solomon just prior to invoking spirits from his famous Goetia, etc.

Q: What else can you tell me about the Ingredients?

A: Without indulging too many secrets I can tell you that the reason they have strange names is to preserve the secrecy behind these formulas. We borrowed from the "Witch's Codex" when compiling the list.

Q: Are any of the ingredients dangerous/harmful?

A: Absolutely not. In the occult ingredients will have a tremendously beneficial effect throughout your entire body. People often report feelings of enlightenment and understanding about the world around them for months administering the potions.

Q: Do I need a sitter?

A: Sure! Have a Psychic Potion Pow-Wow. Get all your friends together and marvel at the experience together. While I do suggest you have a sitter present, it is not required. Develop your psychic abilities alone or in a group, choice is yours!

Q: Can I have SEX on the Astral Plane?

A: The limits to what you can do on the astral plane are defined only by your own imagination. For this reason, literally anything (including sex) is possible on the astral plane.

Read on to finally find out what other people are saying about The Psychic Potion Kit and if it really works...